FOC Shockwave 4

Shockwave is a cold and calculating Decepticon scientist who views emotion as a weakness.

Transformers: Fall of CybertronEdit

After the conclusion of the Great War and Cybertron's core began to shut down, Shockwave sought to reboot it.

In the Sea of Rust, he discovered a long-abandoned space bridge tower. Using the structure to open portals in high orbit above Cybertron, Shockwave eventually located a planet that, though primitive, was rich in raw energy. Conveniently, a massive reservoir of energon lay beside the tower.

As several creatures from the Cybertronian underground emerged in search of more energon, Shockwave grew more and more intrigued by the Insecticons. His research concluded that they could consume ninety-five percent of all known matter and form it into any structure or shape of their choosing, but they could not sustain themselves after the process. He found three Insecticons in particular that were evolved from the others, called Sharpshot, Kickback, and Hardshell, who agreed to serve his will.

Shockwave began to conduct several experiments on the Insecticons; eventually creating a new breed of larger, stronger Insecticons that he called, "Bruisers."

On the target world, Shockwave found that that it was inhabited by hulking, reptilian beasts. He intended to alter selected Cybertronians' forms to see if their power was increased.

Later, his warriors found and captured a small team of Autobot deserters: the Lightning Strike Coalition. The battle resulted in the death of the Autobot called Sludge, while the other four were brought to Shockwave's lab for experimentation.

During his experiments, Megatron ordered an assault on Autobot City to destroy their ship. Optimus Prime awakened the legendary Metroplex, who caused Megatron's destruction. Starscream took leadership of the Decepticons shortly after, and Shockwave was most likely one of the many who saw Starscream's command as a catastrophe.

The Coalition's disappearance would not go unnoticed. Optimus Prime dispatched the scouts Jazz and Cliffjumper to investigate the area where a distress signal was sent out, which was also the location of a energon spike. Although the pair did not find the missing team, Shockwave's tower was destroyed, and the energon from the reservoir was loaded onto a refinery carrier to power the Autobots' vessel that would transport them from Cybertron, the Ark.

Starscream launched a predictably unsuccessful assault on the carrier, arresting the Combaticons in the process. However, Soundwave rebuilt and reactivated Megatron, who reclaimed his position as true Decepticon leader. Shockwave arrived at his leader's position, reporting that he had built a replica of the tower from the Sea of Rust and that he located a suitable planet with a large enough energy supply to reboot Cybertron, concluding that all Megatron needed was a space transport of his own to fly him and his forces there.

In Kaon, he resumed his tests on the Lightning Strike Coalition, succeeding in giving them the forms of the reptilian creatures from the target planet. Unfortunately, the team's leader, Grimlock, broke free and stormed through the facility, finding and freeing his three comrades.

In the midst of this chaos, Shockwave showed no concern and powered up his tower, opening a space bridge portal for Trypticon, now permanently reformatted into the massive Nemesis warship and transporting Megatron and his strike groups, to pass through to the target world. However, Grimlock fought his way to Shockwave, who was being ordered by Megatron to stay on Cybertron and administrate operations there. Though restrained, the Autobot used his new form to free himself, severe Shockwave's right arm, and send the Decepticon flying off the platform they currently stood on.

Shockwave's fate after the experience is unknown, though it is likely that he survived.

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