Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Transformers, also known as Cybertronians, are sentient robotic lifeforms created by the powerful Primus that inhabit the planet Cybertron. Their name originates from the ability to alter their primary form for purposes such as mobility, flight, and combat.

Throughout their history, the Transformers have achieved much, especially during the Golden Age, such as the discovery of momentary interstellar travel through the remarkable space bridges.


The Transformers came into being when the mighty Primus created the Thirteen Original Transformers, who defeated Primus' evil brother, Unicron, and banished him to deep space. On the planet Cybertron, the race flourished, while Primus became one with the planet's Core.

Eons later, the galaxy grew in a Cybertronian Golden Age with the creation of the technological marvel called the Space Bridge. It allowed interstellar travel within mere moments.

The Golden Age came to a close when a gruesome civil war tore the civilization apart, and the two warring factions were the heroic Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the Decepticons led by the evil Megatron. Cybertron's Core was contaminated with the substance known as Dark Energon, and the entire planet was shut down in order for the planet to repair itself over millions of years. Within this time Cybertron would become dark and lifeless, and the process came to be known as the Great Shutdown. The Transformers were forced to abandon their dead homeworld, and flee to the far reaches of space.

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